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As a child, he looked a lot like his older brother except with larger eyes and more innocent.


Ming Bin was originally a kind and sweet child. Currently however he is going through a "rebellious stage" and has turned violent and overall unpleasant.


His family was neighbors to the Feng family eight years prior to the storyline. His family then moved away due to his father's job. Some time in these eight years, his personality changed drastically and he started to play virtual reality video games.


Tournament arc

When Zhuo Ling Bin came to visit Feng Xiao Lan and Feng Yang Ming, Yang Ming made the connection between him and Wicked which made Ming Huang Zhuo's younger brother Ming Bin. Xiao Lan then commented that his personality had been so sweet when he was little and he had really changed since she had last seen him. Zhuo Bin then said he was going through his rebellious stage.


Feng Family

Feng family were neighbors to him for eight years prior to the storyline.

Zhuo Ling Bin

Zhuo Bing is his older brother. Ming Bin get along with his brother.


  • Ming Bin has yet to made an appear in the series. He has only been mentioned by other characters and shown in a flashback.