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Species Humanoid
Gender Male
Element Wind
Level 100
Professional Status
Guild The Four Heavenly Kings
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Status Active
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Volume 9, Chapter 5 (Game 51)


Zephyr has long straight white/blonde hair and pointy ears. He has a long horn shaped eyebrows with a line dot on his forehead. His fingernails are sharped. He wear a slim outfit.


Zephyr is rude and short tempered. He does not care about following orders and enjoy seeing other people suffer.


NPC Rebellion arc

Zephyr was briefly mention by Caelus when he was discussing with Prince about The Four Heavenly Kings.

Prince was discussing with his friends in Infinite City about how to defeat Dictator of Life when Zephyr seek attacked Prince with his winds. Prince overcome his attacked. He introduced himself and continues to attack Prince and was counterstrike with him getting himself hurt. He strike back, but was saved by Gui, who further injured him with his attack. He became furious and ripped Gui's heart out.

He told Prince that he can't kill him even though he really wanted to kill him over a thousand times. Prince battle him only to not even hurt him or even leave an mark on him.He then stopped fighting when he saw many people around and seeing that people attack with large groups. Prince told him that he was a boss, so its impoosible to battle him alone and it had nothing to do with being human. He then saw Caelus and attacked him only to have Prince pushed him out of the way. Prince was mad at him for attacking his own, but Zephyr didn't care. He unleashed an attack that destroyed the whole place. Prince was floating in the air due to Caelus using his powers to help him float. Cealus yelled at him for doing that and that they are not to kill each other nor are they to allow Prince to go to the North. He didn't care and that he will destroy this place even if it means everyone here as well. Cealus was perparing to counter the attack when the Dictator of Life came. Zephyr was surprised at this due to the fact that the Dictator can't leave the North. The person told him that he was his avatar and that he sees everything in Second Life through him. The Dictator is angry at Zephyr for disobeying. Zephyr then said that he will go back.


Zephyr has sharped claws.

Powers & Abilities

Zephyr has to power to control winds.


  • In Ancient Greek, Zephyr was the named of a wind god.