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Nickname Blood Elf, Bloodstained Overlord, Angel of Death
Race Elf
Gender Male (Real Life: Female)
Job Warrior
Level 76+
Original Location Central Continent
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Phantom, Divine Coalition, Righteous Blades, Rising Dragons, Team Rose
Occupation Overlord of Central Continent, Warlord of Infinite City, Captain of Odd Squad
Guild Odd Squad
Base of Operation Infinite City
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Pet Kenshin, Meatbun, Sunshine
Status Active
Real Life Player
User Feng Xiao Lan
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Volume 1, Chapter 1 (Game 1)
Novel Debut Volume 1, Chapter 1 (Chapter 1)

After her brother declares that she can never make it as a guy in the game world where girls are given special treatment (HP boost, free equipment from other players, easier to level up), Feng Lan starts playing Second Life, a new virtual reality game as Prince, a warrior class, and wields a rather unique black sword. Being 30% better looking than her real life self she makes for a really attractive pretty male elf, and grabs the attention of every female in-game. She is the leader of the Odd Squad. She is oblivious to the fact that Gui and Wicked have strong romantic feelings towards her.

She also has a ruthless way of fighting (in the beginning of the manhau, he/she thought that killing wolves was just like cooking and started fighting like that) . She states that she likes the feeling of blood soaking her body. She also smiles when she kills people, stating that she only does because of good manners. She used vulgar language to scare off Team Hell's Murderers when the Odd Squad was about to fight them in a match.


When Feng Lan was given permission to change to a male in-game, she was also given a choice to either make herself 30% more beautiful, or 30% uglier. Feng Lan (Prince) wished that he/she was 30% more beautiful, so she ended up catching every female's attention (to her distress), with a few exceptions. Feng Lan thought that the human Prince was amazingly hot so she considered what she/he would look like as an elf. The result caused Feng Lan to have a nosebleed.With reddish-brown eyes, white hair and the typical elf ears, Prince was a total ladykiller. He is rather slim in appearance (though his strength is very high, especially for an elf).


To the typical girl's point-of-view, he is Prince Charming himself. However, his teammates know him as a very geeky character, prone to act geeky and often quite rebellious. He's also very vulgar, as Feng Lan sees this as necessary to depict herself as a man. Known to be very ruthless and cruel to the world of Second Life. He is very oblivious, and a bit absent minded. It took him a very long time to realise that Wicked loved him/her, and didn't protect him out of duty. Looking at girls in the game comparing himself/herself with them and touched Western Wind's breasts without remembering he was a guy. She/he can be quite brave at time's, especially when his/her friends are in danger. Her personality in real life made at least few people in Second Life figure out who Prince was, notably her parents, twin brother and her two friends.


Rookie Arc

Since Feng Xiao Lan was the first to log onto the game, she was granted a special request by the directors of Second Life. She was annoyed at the time, because her brother thought she'd not be able to handle being a warrior, so she decided to become one. After seeing herself as both a human and a beast, she decided that the human looked better. Then she remembered her brother saying that women had an easier time in video games because they got help from male players. So Feng Lan asked Lolidragon (whom she thought was an NPC, but in reality she is a Game Master) if she could play as a male. After checking with her superiors, Lolidragon was able to honor her request and offer 30% beautification or uglification as part of the special request. Upon seeing Feng Lan as a male human, she thought that she would look even better as an elf and requested it. Lolidragon helped her to design the avatar (she picked out most of the features, to Feng Lan's annoyment) and changed the beautification to 40%. She then changed the name of the avatar to Prince. Just before being sent to the World of Second Life, Lolidragon told Prince to PM her so that they can train together.

Shortly after arriving, Prince found that being too handsome was actually quite dangerous. The female players who originally saw him looked at him like a pack of wolves hunting for a steak. This caused him to run and hide in a shop. While there, he inquired from the NPC where he could train. He then left the shop being careful to avoid the other players and headed just outside of the newbie village. He began training against man-eating slimes, eventually reaching level 10. He then returned to the same shop to hide. This was where he met Team Rose for the first time. When he asked them about changing class, they told him in order to become a warrior he would need to collect 10 wolf fangs. They even offered to grind wolves with him. After purchasing a mask to help prevent drawing attention to himself, Prince met Team Rose at the front gate and they went to grind wolves. Prince was so good in fact the members of Team Rose were impressed, but Snow White Rose was also frightened because Prince was fighting while covered in blood and apparently enjoying it (she was the first to name him a Blood Elf). Then Prince and Team Rose parted ways while he went to get his class changed. With it, he got a black Dao and picked out three abilities.

Right after this, Prince was attacked by Lolidragon since he had not PMed her. He made the mistake of almost saying out loud that she was a GM, but she was able to stop him in time and make it clear that he was not to mention this fact to anyone. He then told her his sob story about being too handsome and being chased by a bunch of women. She told him that she would help keep them away by pretending to be his lover and also by teaching him a few tricks. Then, they went to grind some wolves. Lolidragon showed Prince some of her skills as a thief, but while this was going on they caught the attention of the mob boss called the Wolf King. It was clear that this monster was out of their league, but they were unable to escape from it. Prince tried cutting it, but the damage that it caused was almost non-existent. Then, they attacked its eyes and with a number of finishing blows they were able to defeat it. In the spoils left from defeating it they found a pair of boots, some money and a pet egg. Lolidragon insisted that Prince should have the pet since her past experiences with them had all ended in disaster. They took it to a pet shop and once the contract was done, Meatbun hatched out. They then went out to train some more with Meatbun. Afterward while laying in the grass, they made a promise that they would become the strongest players in Second Life.

Odd Squad arc

While eating with Lolidragon in a restaurant, Prince ran into Team Rose again who had just gotten some new members: Fair Sky, Broken Sword and Prince's brother Feng Wu Qing. Feng Wu did not recognize Prince as his sister, but was annoyed at him since he thought that Prince was trying to make a move on his women. Prince and Lolidragon escaped as soon as they could, but were followed by Fair Sky who had taken a liking to Prince. She told him that he should leave Lolidragon and be with her instead. When he refused, she promised money to the players around her if they could kill Lolidragon. Out numbered, Prince and Lolidragon were about to be killed when Ugly Wolf came to the rescue and saved them. Upon learning he was a priest, they asked him to join their team.

Soon after while the three of them were grinding skeletons, a little girl suddenly came running up crying for help while being chased by some flaming skeletons. Being a gentleman, Prince dispatched the skeletons only to find out that they belonged to the girl, whose name was Doll. Since the team was already looking for other members, Wolf inquired about what her skills were and how many skeletons she could produce along with her level. He then suggested to Prince and Lolidragon that they let her join the team as her skills would be extremely helpful to have around. Not too long after this, they were out training when they were attacked by a mob of leopard monsters. They were doing alright until the boss came and slaughter them.

After this defeat, the other members of the team had logged off except for Prince. He made his way through the town, but stopped when he saw a crowd. Getting a closer look, he saw an extremely handsome Demon bard playing a guquin and singing in the street. The bard eventually noticed Prince staring at him and came over telling him he was the most beautiful person the bard had ever seen. He then asked to kiss his hand which Prince allowed. While the bard was on his knees, Lolidragon PMed Prince telling him that the rest of the team was at the usually restaurant and asked him where he was. Prince then told her about the handsome man which was kissing his hand. Lolidragon commented to Prince that he was still in the game so she asked him if the guy knew he was a male. Finally coming to his senses, Prince asked the bard if he knew he was a man. He replied that of course he knew and threw his arms around Prince. Prince then used his Nine-headed Dragon Slash to kill him.

Later the team met in a restaurant and discussed why it was that they had been killed by the leopard monsters. Wolf attributed it to the fact that they did not have any ranged attackers. To fill out their team, they decided to look for an archer and a mage. They went to the Adventurers' Guild to see if there was anyone there who met their requirements. At first there was a whole slew of players who wanted to join their team. Wolf had them lined up and then checked for their qualifications. After weeding out those who did not qualify, there were still quite a few players left. Prince then told them about his "relationship" with Lolidragon and that Doll was his little sister (a lie). While he said this all of the players who had been waiting left.

Not finding a suitable player, the team went off to grind some zombies. Lolidragon was being used as bait when she caught the attention of the mob boss called the Zombie King. She tried to escape while the rest of the team fought desperately to save her. Just when it appeared that she would surely be killed, the demon bard Prince had met earlier named Guileastos stepped in to help. With his help, they were able to save Lolidragon and defeat the Zombie King. Lolidragon then asked Gui to join the team since they needed an archer, but on the condition that he didn't do anything "unspeakable" to Prince.

After officially registering their team as Odd Squad, they set out to grind dragons in Rampaging Dragons' Valley. Before they left, Wolf told them that dragon XXs were supposedly good for your health and could be sold for 1 gold coin apiece. Hearing this, Prince wanted to collect as many as he could so sell them for a profit. Using Meatbun's Aroma Release, they were able to attract a number of dragons. Almost too many in fact that it took them quite a while to kill them all. After killing them, Prince expressed his joy at killing so many and was about to start collecting the dragon XXs when Gui volunteered to do it for him. He cleaned off a few of the dragons and made dragon XX stew out of them because he thought that Prince had wanted them to eat and grow strong. Prince was so mad about losing his gold coins for a stew he was not going to eat that he beat up Gui.

While this was happening, another team called Dark Phantom came up with a "girl" in the lead. Trying to scare them off, Prince tried to act like a gangster and offended the "girl" in front. He then tried to apologize, but it only made it worse to the point where "she" kicked him in a very sensitive area causing him to cry. Gui almost immediately slapped the "girl" across the face and pinned her saying that no one could do things like that to Prince. Getting up, Prince asked the "girl" what had he said wrong. Ming Huang (the "girl") replied that it was insulting that Prince could not tell a guy apart from a girl. Then another member of the team named Wicked told Gui to get off Ming Huang. When he refused, Wicked attacked him sending him flying back. Ming Huang then sent a lightning spell at him almost killing him. Prince attempted to attack Ming Huang to stop the battle, but Wicked got in his way. They ended up having a sword-fight until Prince got past him and killed Ming Huang. Unfortunately, Ming Huang was able to finish the spell he had been chanting (Heaven's Nine Fury, a powerful lightning spell) before Prince killed him and it crashed down killing all those who were still alive except Prince and Wicked. After this, Wicked declared the two teams eternal rivals and started to walk away. Prince then asked him why it was that Dark Phantom had come up to them in the first place. Wicked told him that they had just wanted to know how they had attracted so many dragons. Feeling stupid, Prince watched as Wicked walked away and then suddenly ran up and grabbed his clothes. Wicked stop and looked at him surprised as Prince asked him for help in getting back to Star City since he did not know the way. Wicked told him that he would show him the way.

Once again at their favorite restaurant, Odd Squad vented their feelings about Dark Phantom. Wolf commented that if it were not for their mage than Odd Squad would have probably done much better, so the team started to think up ways to find a mage. While they were still talking, Yu Lian, a human mage, came up to them saying that she had overheard their conversation and would like to join their team. After a series of questions and seeing her abilities, they decided to let her join. Soon after, Lolidragon made the comment that she did not think that Yu Lian was normal because she did not seem to be affected by Prince or Gui's looks. Being straight to the point, she stuck their faces in Yu Lians and asked her what she thought about their looks. She said that Gui's were neat/organized and Prince's were adorable/regal. When asked about Wolf's, she instantly started to blush and list off a number of good characteristics. Thus, the team concluded that she had a warped sense of beauty.

A little bit later, Yu Lian tried to catch the attention of Wolf, but was unable to. She told the other members about her plight and they vowed to help her. Gui proposed writing a love letter and sending it to him. Gui sent a part of Li Qing Zhao's 'Flower of Butterfly Love' in Yu Lian's hand. Unfortunately, Wolf did not understand a word of it which resulted in Gui getting beaten. Next, Doll and Lolidragon set up a candle light dinner (Lolidragon "borrowed" the materials from a local restaurant owner) for Yu Lian and Wolf with some help from Prince (he did the cooking). After they had set up, Wolf called them over the team channel. They did not answer because they wanted the two of them to be alone, but because they did not answer, Wolf and Yu Lian went to a restaurant instead. Lolidragon then suggested that they put Viagra in his drink, but this plan was thwarted by the rules of Second Life (in the novels there was no where to purchase it). Frustrated, Prince decided to take matters into his own hands. After buying a dove, a club, some chains, a small knife and some hair cream, Prince snuck up behind Wolf and knocked him unconscious with the club. He then used the chains to tie him up. Giving the small knife and hair cream to Gui, he ordered him to make Wolf look his best while he sent the girls to pick out a wedding dress and get ready. After this was done, Prince took Wolf to the church. Upon arriving, Wolf woke up and asked what was going on. Prince told him that Yu Lian wanted to marry him and asked him what his response was. While they were discussing this, Prince was getting the dove ready to be released at the end of the ceremony. Just as they were walking out of the church, Prince released the dove and it soared above them marking the start of a new beginning.

Tournament arc

Upon entering the tournament, Prince drew the number that would represent their team. It was 4444, an extremely unlucky number *note: in Chinese 4 is an unlucky number because it is pronounced the same as the word "death", so the number is read as quadruple death*. While wading through the massive crowd of players, Lolidragon explained that the reason so many players were participating was that you could gain a lot of experience through the tournament (Normally you do not gain experience through defeating other players, only monsters. The directors bent the rules for the tournament since it would take up a considerable amount of time). It also helped that whichever team won the tournament would also get a piece of land. After finding their way through, they were able to find that they were up against the Perfect Princess Team (Doll found it).

Just before the match, Prince was presented with a present from the rest of the team for his 20th birthday. He was given a wine red tiara, a very helpful and rare item which would later be known as the Blood Tiara. As they were called, the members of Odd Squad stepped into the arena to find that their opponent team was made up of one female Elven mage and her five male "servants." This quickly pissed Prince off for the girl being "cooler" than his feminine side (she was not as pretty as Lolidragon though). The girl turned and upon seeing Prince was dumbstruck by his beauty. As soon as the match began, Prince and Lolidragon shot across the area. Prince killed the archers while a combination of Gui and Doll killed the warriors and finally Lolidragon took down the priest. The girl, realizing that she was the last member standing, surrendered to Prince. Then she plastered herself against him and told him that she would be his girlfriend. Prince could take it no longer, he drove his Dao through her killing her almost instantly. After she shot of into the sky as a pillar of light, Prince shook the blood of his sword to a completely silent and stunned audience. After this event, Prince took on the persona of the "Blood Elf," not only to intimidate the competition, but to also discourage fans from getting too close (the other members of the team had been trampled due to his "good looks" and had had enough).

Once Odd Squad left the arena, they ran into Team Rose who they found was also participating in the tournament. They went back to a restaurant together where Fair Sky apologized to Prince and Lolidragon. She then told Prince she would respect Lolidragon as his 1st wife, but wanted to be his second. Snow White Rose said that she wanted to be his 3rd. At a lost for what to do, Prince turned to Lolidragon, but she escaped by saying that her relationship with Prince was similar to that between siblings. She had only pretended to be his wife to scare off other women. Then Gui stepped in, wrapped his arms around Prince and declared that Prince belonged to him. The whole Team Rose was stunned. Lolidragon seconded this by saying that Prince liked men (which was true). She PMed Prince that he could not say otherwise or he would really have to marry them. Prince bowed his head as if in silent acknowledgment which caused the girls to start crying. Lolidragon then told them that they should give up on Prince and find someone else. Then Team Rose quickly excused themselves and ran out. Afterward, Gui received a beating.

The next team they faced was called Team Phoenix and was made up of six beautiful men. The other members of Odd Squad who had doubted whether or not Prince was gay, were more convinced after seeing his reaction to this team. Upon finding out that they had four warriors on their team, Wolf ordered Prince to stall them. Prince unhappily obeyed and took out Meatbun to help him. The other team laughed at it and summoned their own pet Fire Phoenix to fight. Prince had Meatbun use its Machine Gun Meat attack which shot out raw meat at the opponents. However it was blocked by Fire Phoenix's Heavenly Flame with a piece of now roasted meat flying into Prince's mouth. He found to his astonishment that it was delicious and that he had to have more. He then made a deal with the other team that if Odd Squad won they would get Fire Phoenix and if Team Phoenix won that he would suicide back to level 1. While the other team agreed, Prince had his teammates taste the roasted meat. They got all fired up with Doll even calling Hell's Inferno Dragon for the first time. Needless to say, the other team was annihilated.

Afterward, they decided that Gui would be given Fire Phoenix. While they were discussing this, they heard a small voice come out a no where. They discovered that it was Meatbun who having reach level 40 was now able to speak. Prince attempted to ask it what its gender was, but it did not understand the concept. From how it talked and cried, they concluded that it was female. Once they got outside and Gui had made his contract with Fire Phoenix, they attempted to make roasted meat. Unfortunately, Meatbun could not understand why he was to attack Fire Phoenix and Fire Phoenix would not obey Gui so they were unable to have roasted meat.

Wolf then told the team about their upcoming match against Hell's Murderers. The information he had frightened Prince, but once he got into the arena and the announcer described that the most awful thing that could happen to him was getting skewered, he relaxed. He then went on to describe what he had thought they would do and then what he would do to them taking ideas from the series of horror films he had watched recently. His descriptions were so graphic that it caused the audience, announcer, and members of both teams to run to the bathrooms to throw up. Hell's Murderers were so terrified that they would not return to the arena so Odd Squad won by default. Afterward, the other members of Odd Squad were furious with Prince and were about to attack him when he cried out to Gui to save him. Unable to stand by and watch him get hurt, Gui protected Prince with his body and got beaten to a pulp. It was then announced that they would need to face another team.

They ended up being pit against the Demon Demon Team (Spirit Spirit); a group made up of a series of spirits. Unimpressed (in the novels they were worried because they had not fought opponents like them before), Odd Squad sent Prince out first to attack them only to be made immobilized by the grass spirit. Yu Lian managed to free him with a fireball, but while this was happening, Doll was attacked by the boulder spirit. Wolf managed to push her out of the way, but was badly hurt. Prince attempted to help Wolf when he was attacked by the water spirit and they bound once again by the grass spirit. He pulled out Meatbun and had it use its Take-copter ability to fly and pull him out of the grass. After being set down, he was again caught by the grass. The water spirit attacked him again with icicle spears. He then fired Meatbun at it while trying to survive another round of spears, but he was unable to dodge and was badly wounded. Unable to move, Prince laid there until Lolidragon managed to get to him and tried to drag him over to Wolf for healing. At that time, Wolf had all he could handle dealing with the boulder spirit. Prince told Lolidragon to go help Wolf, which she did. While she was away, the water spirit sent a tidal wave at Prince. Gui seeing this, ran toward Prince and tried to shield him with his body. Knowing his death was near, Prince told Gui to "fight hard" and then turned into a pillar of light (in the manhua, Gui first saved Prince from the water spirit and then Prince turned around and saved him from it too. Prince was then speared and the rest played out the same).

After waking up at the Rebirth Point, Prince went back to the arena to watch the rest of the fight. With his death, Odd Squad went crazy. Doll summoned Hell's Inferno Dragon and began destroying the stadium with Yu Lian and her earthquake spells assisting, Gui summoned Fire Phoenix and it became a pyromaniac, Wolf with Meatbun and Fire Phoenix's help defeated the boulder spirit and Lolidragon managed to kill the wind spirit. Wolf eventually stopped the rest of the team and the last member of the Demon Demon Team surrendered. Soon after a rumor began to spread that Prince was more dangerous dead than alive.

Their final match before the semifinals was against the Rising Dragons who happened to include Prince's parents. He had no trouble defeating them. Due to circumstances in the real world, Gui began to suspect that Prince was Feng Yang Ming (her brother). While Prince denied this, Gui also mentioned that Wolf was the physician at their school. Prince asked Lolidragon what he should do, but she did not answer him.

Their next match happened to be against Team Rose. Before they started, Fair Sky tried to say something, but Prince stopped her saying that she could tell him after the fight. Prince was surprised about the hostility towards him from the male members of Team Rose, but Broken Sword explained that the Team had fallen apart due to Snow White Rose and Fair Sky liking him. After being pinned by Broken Sword, Prince was stunned and a deep feeling of guilt rose in his chest. Fair Sky asked them all if it was okay to like someone. This caused Doll to ask her if it was okay to do things even when they hurt the people around you. Fair Sky then told Broken Sword to let Prince go or she would take away the equipment she gave him. He then let Prince go and dropped his equipment saying he did not want her money or equipment. The other men of the team followed suit and left the stadium. While he was still on the ground, Snow White Rose came up to Prince and told him that she would get over him. She then kissed him and told Fair Sky to give up on him too. They both left the stadium with Doll chasing after Fair Sky. Prince then asked Lolidragon if his lie was hurting people. She told him that it was not his fault, but he did not feel that was true.

Once again at their favorite restaurant, Prince, depressed by the battle with Team Rose, was unable to eat anything. The other members of the team told him that it was okay if he acted differently than he would in real life because people rarely act the same. After their pep talk, Prince was revitalized and began beating Gui up much to the relief of the other members. When all the other members had left, Gui apologized to Prince for trying to find out who he was in real life and said he would never try again. He told him that he believed that the Prince in Second Life was the true Prince just like he was the true Gui and gender, appearance or the fake personalities that Prince may have in real life did not matter to him. Prince then accidentally let it slip that he knew Gui from real life. He also tried to tell him that he was not Feng Yang Ming, but this only solidified this fact in Gui's mind.

After finding out that the final match was going to be a melee of 100 teams and 600 players, Odd Squad began planning out how they were going to survive. Prince with his good looks and being a warrior was quickly voted the least likely to survive. Gui, Wolf and Yu Lian were also out of the running with their low defenses and HP. Lolidragon was the best bet, until they found that a number of the teams had grudges against her for stealing from them. It was then that they decided that Doll would be the most likely to survive. After this, Lolidragon suggested that the form an alliance with Dark Phantom (the only other team they knew still in the competition). Prince was concerned about being too close to Wicked whom she had met in the real world and found out was an old friend and her brother as well. In the end, they decide to do it.

When they met up with Dark Phantom Gui was very surprised to find that Feng Yang Ming was Feng Wu Qing and not Prince. The two teams under the guidance of Wolf decided to train against large mobs to simulate being up against a mass of players. Prince was used as bait since he would be the least likely to survive. One day while acting as bait, Prince found himself against a mob at the edge of a cliff due to his horrible sense of direction. He PMed Wolf and asked when they would be able to save him. Wolf answered that they could be there in thirty minutes. Unfortunately, while fighting the mob Prince fell off the cliff and was badly wounded to the point where he could not move. The other members of both teams had finished defeating the mobs they had been up against and had tried calling Prince, but had been met with no answer. Wicked commented that Prince might be mad at them for using him as bait, but the other members of Odd Squad replied that he had already resigned himself to his fate. Then Prince was able to PM and tell them that he had fallen off a cliff. Distressed, the members of Odd Squad immediately went to look for him. Wicked offered that he and the rest of Dark Phantom would help them search. Using his knowledge of Prince and the direction that he had been headed, Wicked was able to guess where he would have fallen. He managed to find Prince who asked if he was Gui. When he said that he was Wicked, Prince called him by his real life nickname that only Feng Xiao Lan used. Wicked then realized just who Prince was. He picked him up and carried him over to Wolf while passing Gui who had come and reached out to take Prince from him. Wicked glared at him and stroded right past. After Wolf healed him, Prince was mad that it had taken so long for them to find him. He grabbed Gui and asked why he had taken longer than Wicked to find him. He was about to punch him when Wicked PMed him using his real name. Knowing that the gig was up, Prince asked Wicked to keep his secret which he eventually agreed to. While this was going on Lolidragon commented that it appeared that Gui had a love rival. Yelling at her to be quiet, Prince turned and saw Gui with a blank expression on his face that made him extremely uneasy.

The next day, the two teams decided to have their own separate special training. Prince and Lolidragon had arrived first and Gui came soon after looking extremely depressed. Prince tried to cheer him up, but to no avail. Then Gui asked Prince whether he or Wicked was more important to him. When he told him he was he started to glow and revert back to his normal self, but then Prince explained it was because Gui was a teammate and Wicked was an ally that they would have to fight eventually which caused Gui to go back to being depressed. Lolidragon then told Prince not to say anymore. Once the rest of the team showed up Wolf told them that they would be practicing escaping and brought out a bunch of masks to disguise themselves. Gui then asked how they were going to escape and suggested that they split up into teams of two: he and Wolf, Doll and Lolidragon, and Prince with Yu Lian, his logic being that Wolf and Doll could sacrifice him and Lolidragon while Prince and Yu Lian were strong enough on their own to survive. So they practiced escaping for a while.

The day before the tournament, Prince skipped school to practice. Gui showed up (both he and Wolf also skipped work) and Prince told him that he did not like him being depressed and that he wanted him to go back to the way he was before. Gui told him that he needed his reply to continue. Prince told him that he beat him up as a reply. Gui watching Prince train asked him if he really liked fighting. He replied that he did and said it was exciting. Gui told him that he thought his smile was more exciting. Then he asked him if he really liked how Gui had been before. When Prince responded yes, Gui shot a monster who had tried a sneak attack on Prince and promised that he would be 100% accurate shooting. Prince then threw Meatbun at him and said he would also be a 100% accurate shot for being called "Lord." Then the other members of Odd Squad called them over the team channel and they all met in their favorite restaurant. After a rising speech from Prince, they all vowed that they would win.

The day of the final match, the members of Odd Squad had masks on and were waiting for the match. Upon entering the stadium Prince took his off and tossed it aside. The other members were surprised but followed suit as he said it did not matter is they lost as long as they were remembered. From the beginning of the match, there were three main groups. One lead by a human warrior, another by a beast-man, and the last by a holy-man. As soon as the signal was given, the beast group attacked the human warrior group while the holy-man just watched from the sidelines. Meanwhile, the members of Odd Squad and Dark Phantom were escaping and trying not to attraction any attention. After some time, the beast-man's alliance was almost gone after being defeated by the human warrior's alliance. Then the holy-man's group then engaged the human warrior's and it was quickly obvious that the holy-man had the upper-hand. During this time, Yu Lian suggested to Prince that he should help the human's alliance so that it would be easier to defeat the holy-man's later. Thus, Prince launched himself into the fray and helped the leader of the human side, a warrior name Nan Gong Zui. He quickly found that he liked him and the two went on a killing spree defeating many opponents. Then after Nan Gong Zui was cornered by the holy-man name Fan, Prince was back with the other members of Odd Squad. Fan told Nan Gong Zui that Prince had used him to get farther ahead. Prince felt a stab of guilt as Nan Gong Zui looked at him, asking him for help. Then he turned back, a feeling of betrayal evident on his face and the two alliances went back to fighting. Prince looked at the other members of Odd Squad and after getting their blessings to help his new-found friend, both Odd Squad and Dark Phantom joined the fray. Yu Lian and Ming Huang unleashed their powerful spells decimating the remaining combatants. In amidst the chaos, Prince was able to grab Nan Gong Zui and Fan and drag them to safety. He then had Wolf heal them so that they could have a fair fight. Nan Gong Zui ended up being the victor. Afterward, he thanked Prince and asked him to kill him because fighting Fan had been his only reason for entering. While he was still speaking, Wicked ran his sword through him. Nan Gong Zui then invited Prince for a drink after the tournament when Gui killed him with an arrow to the head. Then Prince wanted a rematch with Wicked who was reluctant since he found out who Prince was (and loved Feng Lan). After a pep talk from Gui, the two had a duel. During the fight, Prince got attacked by Marksman, Dark Phantom's archer. Right after this Wicked and Prince unleashed their finishing moves which ended with Wicked's sword going through Prince. It was meant to be an instant death with a blow straight to the heart, but due to Marksman's shot injuring Prince's knee, it missed his heart. While still holding his blade, Wicked was killed by an arrow to the head by none other than Gui. Prince, dazed by his duel was then killed by Feng Wu Qing who snuck up behind him.

After being reborn, Prince ran back to the stadium just in time to see Yu Lian's Meteor Shower and Ming Huang's Heaven's Nine Fury collide (Wicked and Doll were there too). After the dust settled, Feng Wu Qing appeared just barely alive. Just when the announcer was about to declare Dark Phantom the winners, a hand shot out of the ground. It belonged to Lolidragon who had burrowed under the ground to escape the blast. She walked over to Feng Wu and stomped him to death. Since she was the last player standing, Odd Squad was declared the victors and owners of a piece of land.

Nan Gong Zui arc

Since winning the tournament and getting a piece of land, Odd Squad started construction on their new city. The members of Odd Squad decided that Prince would be the city's liege lord (because he would not be helpful doing anything else) and sent him off to recruit some players to join the city. Lolidragon suggested asking Team Rose, while Doll wanted Dark Phantom to join. Finally, Yu Lian suggested he recruit Nan Gong Zui which Gui objected to but was silenced by Lolidragon. Prince then went to see Dark Phantom first. He PMed Wicked and asked if they would be willing to join the city. While asking he also mentioned that he was looking for Nan Gong Zui as well. Wicked promised that they would join and told Prince not to look from Nan Gong, but Prince only heard that they agreed and then turned off the channel. He then PMed Nan Gong and told him he wanted to talk with him about something. Nan Gong told him that he was in Moon City and had business to take care of. Prince said he would meet him there and headed off Moon City.

When Prince arrived (after going in the wrong direction to the wrong city and then teleporting there) Nan Gong Zui, Ice Phoenix and Fan were in the middle of an argument. Prince was able to make Ice Phoenix fall for him (and even faint). He then told Fan not to come near her again and challenged him to a fight. Fan declined, but said he would have his revenge.

Later in Nan Gong's house, Prince asked him if he would join the city. This prompted Nan Gong to ask if the city had been named yet. Prince PMed Wolf and asked. Wolf said that it had not been named and it was his duty as liege lord to come up with one. Nan Gong suggested that they name it Infinite City (Hamlet) which Prince liked and was made the official name of the city. He also said that his team the Righteous Blades would join the city.

Soon afterward, Prince, Nan Gong Zui and Kong Kong (the thief of the Righteous Blades) went out drinking. They ended up getting drunk and parted ways with Prince heading back to Infinite City. Unfortunately, Prince never made it there because he accidentally boarded a boat headed toward the Eastern Continent.

Gui/Wicked Side-story arc

Prince and Feng Xiao Lan showed up in a series of flashbacks in both the Guileastos and Wicked sections of the arc. See their respective pages for details.

Eastern Continent arc

Prince woke up on a boat bound for the Eastern Continent. Not knowing where he was, he asked an NPC on the boat where he was and how he got there. When he found that he was headed for the Eastern Continent, he asked if he would be able to ride the boat back. The NPC told him that he would need to catch another boat to head back and that the ticket would cost 5,000 crystal coins. The NPC also mentioned that team channels did not work when the members were on different continents. Not having much money let alone 5,000 crystal coins, Prince decided that upon reaching the Eastern Continent that he would have to earn enough money to return home. He did not even have enough money for food so he had to do chores on the ship to pay for food. So his days on the ship were spend working and talking to Meatbun for company.

As soon as he arrived, he immediately started killing mobs for money. One day while he was training, a girl being chased by a flaming skeleton cried out for help. Prince saved her and found that she and her companion were Jing (Daoshi) and Yun (Kekkaishi), her friends and classmates. He instantly put on a cloak as a disguise so they would not be able to recognize him. As thanks, they invited him to eat at a restaurant where they asked if he would train with them since he was a strong player. While they were speaking, Huang Wei, a local mob boss who had taken a liking to Jing, interrupted them and told Jing that she should marry him. When she refused a fight ensued resulting in Prince defeating him and his minions. The Prince agreed to train with them. While training, he found that Yun and Jing were saving up to go to the Central Continent as well to meet Prince, their teacher Gui and Feng Lan (Prince again). After a few days, they decided to take on a quest that if they completed would give them enough money to go to the Central Continent.

The quest was to retrieve the hair tie of a boss known as the "Demon Lord." Upon fighting with him, Prince realized that he was based on the main character from his favorite manga: Rurouni Kenshin. He also found that he could not defeat him in battle. Instead of killing him, Kenshin asked him why he wanted the hair tie. Then Prince made up a story about how Kenshin's lover (Kaoru) asked him to get it for her. Then he told Kenshin that his lover said she would wait forever for him. After hearing this, Kenshin handed over the hair tie without a fight and returned to the cave that he had been guarding. Prince felt uneasy after seeing Kenshin reactions and decided to take the hair tie and find Kaoru. Yun and Jing pretended that they would go along with this plan until Prince gave Yun the hair tie. Then they pushed him off a cliff.

After Yun and Jing pushed him off, Kenshin saved him and used mouth-to-mouth to revive him. He explained to Prince that over time he had become self-aware and realized just what he was. He then told Prince that he has triggered a hidden mission by falling off the cliff and introduces him to another self-aware NPC by the name of Sunshine who was based off an Arabian prince. Seeing the suffering of the two NPCs that are trapped by the rules of the game, Prince decided to take them to the Central Continent with him by completing their quests and making them his humanoid pets. He also promised not to tell anyone that they are NPCs so they could simply fit in with all the other players.

To complete his quest, Kenshin and Prince traveled to the Snow Village to see Kaoru's grave. After seeing this, they went to a cave to get Kenshin's "revenge" on Satan (Demonic Dark God in the novel). Together, they were able to defeat him by knocking him off a cliff (Prince also fell off, but Kenshin saved him by wrapping his belt around him). This completed the mission making Kenshin Prince's pet.

After heading back to White Tiger City to obtain Sunshine's quest, Prince and Kenshin ended up defeating the mob boss Huang Wei and his lackeys who were trying to use force to get Jing to marry Huang Wei. This caused Yun and Jing to apologize to Prince and join up with him and Kenshin. Yun and Jing instantly recognized Kenshin as the Demon Lord, but after talking with him, they decided to respect his wishes and keep the fact he is a NPC a secret. While they were still talking, Prince realized that he had not fed Meatbun in a while and took him out. The others were surprised to see a meatbun with eyes that eats other meatbuns. With Jing and Yun's help, they were able to collect and complete the three pieces of the map as part of Sunshine's quest (some parts of the quest were greatly based on luck. Prince had to win 10 games in a row of Big and Small as well as identify the components of 20 dishes and spell the names correctly). Kenshin and Prince used this to locate the prophets and then defeated them in battle. After gaining Sunshine, they continued to train for a time with Jing and Yun gaining a number of levels due to a spoil from defeating the prophets. Then all of them went back to Infinite City on Sunshine's flying carpet.

Infinite City Invasion arc

Prince along with Jing, Yun, Kenshin and Sunshine were able to get back to Infinite City just as Fan breached the wall and had come right up to Nan Gong Zui. Prince had stood up on Sunshine's flying carpet and fell off landing right on top of Fan (He commented that his landing had been broken by a "soft cushion") surprising everyone. When he found out that Fan had come to attack the city, he punched him and stomped on his hand several times to prevent him from healing himself. Fan told him to fight him one-on-one, but Prince replied that it would have to wait until after he dealt with Fan's army. Then Lolidragon told him that Ice Phoenix had betrayed them and he would need to raise the defenders moral before dealing with the enemy. Upon hearing this, he punched Nan Gong Zui and told him that he would deal with Ice Phoenix later so Nan Gong should vent his feelings by helping to defend the city. He then called down to the others who had been sitting on the flying carpet the whole time. Fan tried to distract them by shouting orders to his troops, but Swan Beauty pointed out that he could have PMed them. She then asked Prince what he wanted to do. When Prince told her to have the mages use only minor spells to protect the tower and use their stronger ones to attack, she objected, but was overruled by Nan Gong.

Prince was about to head into battle when Wicked stopped him and told him that his job as the leader was to sit back and give orders. Prince tried to argue, but was ignored. So Prince told Kenshin to fight in his stead. While standing around, he asked Sunshine to use his Arcane Missiles. The enemy mages were also trying to attack the tower with some of the spells also aimed at Prince. Gui tried to protect him, but it was Yun's rebounding barrier that really helped (and defeated all the mages). Being bored, Prince asked Legolas if there were any extra bows. He took one and had Jing attach Fu to the arrows. He then proceeded to shoot the first row of the enemy army killing all of them (Kenshin helped direct one of the arrows. Prince was glad that he did not choose to be an archer since his aim was bad). Just then, Sunshine finished his chanting and unleashed the missiles killing all the enemy priests. Knowing that all was lost, Kui the second in command of the enemy army surrendered. Prince then told the enemy army that if they did not join Infinite City that they would be KOS (killed on sight), thus making some of them join him. At the request of Ice Phoenix and Fan's second in command, Prince also healed Fan and let him go. In the end, Infinite City withstood her first siege and was victorious.

Rock & Roll Concert arc

Right after the battle, Lolidragon took Prince aside to ask him about the players he brought back and correctly guessed that they were humanoid pets from concealed missions. Prince explained the situation and asked her not to tell anyone which she agreed to. After everyone had gathered, Prince told them about what he had been doing in the Eastern Continent. Then Lolidragon told Prince that he had to make Ice Phoenix fall for him. When he approached him she told him to go away. He then asked if she hated him which caused her to start crying. He embraced her and told her no one was mad at her and if she got lonely she was supposed to come to him. Then she asked him to prove it by kissing her (in the background Fair Sky, Gui and Wicked were all fighting to get a hold of Ice Phoenix). He decided to bite the bullet since he had already kissed Snow White Rose and Kenshin. He kissed her and at Lolidragon's suggestion made it into a French kiss which caused Ice Phoenix to melt. It also caused the other three to turn into statues. He then went over and kissed Fair Sky, but while he thought about kissing Gui, Wicked stopped him which caused the two of them to get into a fight.

Afterward, Yu Lian confronted him about the ticket for the boat costing 5,000 crystal coins. To calm her, he presented her with a piece of ruby from Sunshine's door. She also mentioned that she had heard from Lolidragon that he could sing. With Gui accompanying him on his guquin, Prince sang a song for them. He then agreed to become a singer to help support the city (and because he felt like it). Lolidragon suggested that they go on a concert tour through the other cities to promote the group and have the final concerts in Infinite City to draw players. The tickets would also help pay for the construction.

Prince then commented that they would need more members in the band besides him and Gui. Fair Sky then offered to play the guitar while Ice Phoenix said she could play the drums. Wicked also wanted to accompany them and said he could play the flute. Once the members of the band had been decided, Lolidragon handed out the responsibilities to all the members. Gui was supposed to write the music, Wicked the choreography, while she Fair Sky and Ice Phoenix designed the costumes.

For their first trial run, Lolidragon had the girls (including Prince) perform rock music while the boys did slow songs. Needless to say it was a big success. Afterward, Lolidragon commented that Prince had not sung one of the songs with enough emotion. He then listened to Gui sing it so sweet that he asked him to teach him how to sing it. While practicing, Prince remembered Kenshin and Sunshine and wondered how they were doing. With Yun and Jing's help, he found them in a restaurant hanging out and asked if they would like to come on the tour with him and the band. While he was talking, his parents came up and they in a round about way told him that they knew he was Feng Xiao Lan. They also mentioned that one of the ways they found out was that Wicked followed Prince in Second Life and that Zhou Bin would not two-time her. Prince was very surprised to find that Wicked liked him since he had thought that Wicked liked Feng Yang Ming. When asked if he would marry him, he replied that he did not know and that Gui would also be very upset. His mother said that either of them was fine (she liked beautiful men too). To keep her quiet about the secret, Prince told her that if she told anyone that he would marry an ugly person to spite her.

The band then set out for Star City to perform their first show. Unfortunately, there was not enough money for food or transportation with the former being solved by Meatbun and Fire Phoenix's roasted meat and the latter by Sunshine's flying carpet. They ended up spending the first night at an inn. The first plan was to rent three rooms with Fair Sky sharing with Ice Phoenix, Gui with Wicked, and Prince, Sunshine and Kenshin sharing the last one. However, Wicked and Gui (not knowing that Sunshine and Kenshin were NPCs) objected making Prince have a room all by himself. So that he would not be hungry, Gui lent Prince Fire Phoenix. After retiring to his room, Meatbun and Fire Phoenix were playing together when Fire Phoenix asked Meatbun if it liked Fire Phoenix and would always like to be together. When Meatbun said it would Fire Phoenix suggested that they should get married. It did not really understand what marriage was, but it knew that it meant they would always be together. Horrified, Prince grabbed both of them and raced to Gui's room. Without warning, he threw open the door shouting that Gui's "son seduced my daughter" only to find Wicked and Gui in a very compromising position. He immediately apologized and turned to go when Gui explained that it was all a misunderstanding. While this was going on, Fire Phoenix had wrapped itself in fire burning Prince's hand.

Once the other members had arrived to see what the commotion was, Prince explained that Fire Phoenix and Meatbun wanted to get married. When asked, Fire Phoenix said that it liked Meatbun and the two wanted to be together. Prince then called up Lolidragon to ask how pets got married. She explained that one of the owners must propose the marriage and the other must owner accept. They tried it, but the ceremony failed. Lolidragon then asked if they had confirmed the genders of the pets. Fire Phoenix stated that it was a girl. Prince commented that they could not get married because they were both girls when Meatbun declared it was a male. They then redid the ceremony making Meatbun and Fire Phoenix husband and wife.

The next day, the band planned to split up to attract attention and then meet in the center of town for the show. While waiting for the others to arrive and having already attracted a crowd of women, Prince commented to Gui that it was good that they had brought Fair Sky and Ice Phoenix with them to attract some men otherwise Infinite City might end up being almost completely women. Gui replied that it might really become one because of Prince's looks. When Prince commented that there were other handsome guys in the city, Gui told him that none could compare with him. This led to Wicked giving him a good kick. Once the other members arrived, they started the concert. At the end, Prince announced the band members and told them that they would hold a concert at Infinite City at the end of the tour. Then, the band started running as the fans began to chase them. They were barely able to escape thanks to Sunshine's flying carpet.

Most of the rest of the tour was spent in what the band members might have called "hell." Their fans broke into their rooms, blocked the exits to the city including the teleporters, made it so they were unable to get food besides roasted meat compliments of the newlyweds (originally Kenshin and Sunshine had been sent out to get food, but after they were associated with the band it became impossible). They even had to sleep on the flying carpet at times.

Near the end of the tour, Prince was back in Infinite City when Lolidragon told him that he would be the Spokesman for the band (he would not be required to appear in real life, just in-game). Prince only agreed after it was mentioned that he would be paid for his efforts. The other members of the band were not happy about this, especially Fair Sky. She told Prince that he should not do it or else she would not play with him. He told her that he was not going to change his mind and that not playing was her choice. She ran off and Sunshine offered to go and talk to her. The next day, the two made up and the band headed back to Infinite City when they slammed into an invisible barrier compliments of Yun. Jing also showed off her new ability to make illusions (she fooled Prince into thinking Yu Lian was there, scared him witless).

Prince was then given a set of ceremonial armor by Lolidragon and participated in the Military Parade. He greeted the new members of Infinite City and declared the city open. Soon after, Prince did a photo shot for the cover of the album (after arguing about whether he should be naked or not, Prince opted for half which resulted in Lolidragon using sticky tape on him, poor guy). When Lolidragon told him how it was to be distributed, Prince mentioned that they should also open a bookshop. He mentioned this to Yun and Jing the next time he saw them and remembered that the two like to write. While walking with them, they revealed that they knew he was Feng Lan. After acknowledging it, Jing asked Prince whether he would choose Wicked or Gui which led to her setting up dates with both of them in real life. (See Feng Xiao Lan's page for details)

Later, the members of Odd Squad showed Prince the stadium that they had constructed with the funds from selling the tickets. While the band was having their first concert, Prince was suddenly attacked out of the blue by a "woman" who called herself Western Wind. It was then revealed that before joining Odd Squad, Gui had joined up with a couple. The wife who was named Lovely Consort and had confessed to him causing him to flee. Western Wind had been her husband. He wanted Gui to taste the pain of losing the one he loved most, so he tried to kill Prince. Prince easily defeated him and took him back to question him along with ending the concert early. He then examined him to see if he was really a guy, but was convinced when he turned back into a man with the setting of the sun. Prince then challenged him to a fight saying that if he won then Western Wind would have to join the city. Prince of course won making Western Wind the newest member of Infinite City.

One day, Prince was wondering where Fair Sky was and found out that she had been spending more and more time with Sunshine. While signing autographs, a fan asked Fair Sky who it was that she liked. To everyone's surprise, she pointed to Sunshine saying that he was the one she liked. Later, Fair Sky apologized and told Prince that she liked Sunshine instead of him. When she asked Sunshine how he felt about her, he did not answer. She proceeded to kiss him and he eventually kissed her back. Prince then told Fair Sky that Sunshine was not human, which earned him a slap in the face. Sunshine then explained to Fair Sky that he was a self-aware NPC and that he was sorry for lying to her. She cried upon hearing this, but after asking him a few questions decided that she still wanted to be with him. He told her that he wanted to be with her too. Prince was in tears by this point and gave them his blessing.

Reputation arc

After the end of the concert tour, Lolidragon commented that the other non-player cities on the Central Continent would be open for invasion soon. While the other citizens of Infinite City were overjoyed at this news, Prince was uninterested since they had just fended off an invasion themselves not too long ago. When they asked which city they should invade first, Nan Gong Zui suggested that it be Moon City since the Righteous Blades were based there. Prince let them do what they wanted since he did not care. Since Prince's level was the lowest of all the overlords, Nan Gong and Swan Beauty sent Prince off to train. Gui wanted to go with him, but this was shot down since all members of Odd Squad held important positions. Prince ended up with a bunch of what he called "useless baggage" along with Western Wind. After gaining some levels, Prince and company returned to the city to find a couple of Guild Masters waiting for Prince. Upon talking to them, Prince found that they wanted to see his true strength. One of the Guild Masters said that his guild would join if Prince or one of Infinite City's members could defeat Arctic Fox, the strongest player in his guild. Prince was just about to say that he would fight him when Nan Gong told him that he was no match for Arctic Fox. Prince then called Kenshin to come fight Arctic Fox (also the second strongest player in the game). After a magnificent duel, Kenshin defeated him. Kenshin then went on to kill the other members from Arctic Fox's guild. Prince then told Arctic Fox that he could join Infinite City or be killed. He refused until Prince mentioned that he could fight Kenshin again whenever he liked. Arctic Fox replied that he would not follow any orders, which Prince said was fine. He just had to be Prince's bodyguard and defeat strong players.

Shortly after this incident, Nan Gong Zui became concerned by the fact that many of the Central Continent players did not accept Prince as their Lord. Wicked mentioned that it was probably due to the fact that Prince had not survived the Adventurer's Tournament and his level was not high enough among other things. Swan Beauty commented that Prince's reputation was not good enough. Yu Lian asked if his age might also be a factor since he was the youngest of the overlords. It then became the goal for all the members of Infinite City to increase Prince's reputation.

First, all the top members of Infinite City swore their allegiance to Prince and were to call him Lord. This made Prince very uneasy and he wanted them all to address and interact with him as they did before. He went to his parents and friends Yun and Jing for advice. They told him that the city needed a ruler, not a friend in this situation. He told them that he did not want his friends to be his subjects. Yun told him that he needed to be strong and not show any anxiety since he was needed to be a leader. He told him that he was not perfect, but human and then left.

He went looking for others that he thought would understand him better. He happened upon Arctic Fox and Kenshin in a tavern. He had a few drinks with them and became drunk. Then Lolidragon and Ice Phoenix came in. Lolidragon told him that he needed to stop sulking and bear the responsibilities of a ruler. He told her that he did not like how things were going. She then asked him if he did not want to bear the burdens of being a ruler while still having all the benefits of the position. Lolidragon then left Prince with his thoughts. Ice Phoenix then asked if he was alright causing Prince to snap at her to leave him alone. Phoenix then asked if Prince had ever taken her seriously. She started to cry and ran out of the tavern. Prince felt some regret in that she had once again gotten hurt by the one she loved. Then Wicked and Gui came in. Wicked told him that he did not need to bear all of the responsibilities if he did not want to. Prince asked him if that was possible. Before he could answer, Gui grabbed Prince and held him in his arms offering his shoulder to cry on. Prince caught on that Gui was trying to get him to hit him so that he would feel better. He asked Gui why he sacrificed so much for him even though he did not know who he really was. Gui responded that if his suffering could make Prince happy then it was all worth it. This caused Wicked to attack Gui. Looking at both of them, Prince wondered aloud why others always got hurt because of him. They began to follow him, but with tears in his eyes he told them he needed to be alone and then left them behind. He then thought about how those two loved him deeply and about which one of them was going to get hurt, or maybe even both of them.

Next, Prince remembered a time back when he played The World. She commented to Yang Ming that she wanted some land and money. He told her that it was not an easy job and had many aspects to it that were unpleasant. He also mentioned that once you have one castle you want more until you dominate the whole world. Xiao Lan replied that she just wanted one castle, not the whole world. Yang Ming told her that only those who had not been in that position could speak like her. Now, Prince saw the wisdom in his brother's words.

While he was reminiscing, Doll came up and wanted to talk with him. She said she would be able to understand his pain as a ruler since she was a princess in real life. She told him that he was unhappy because he only focused on the pain of being a ruler and not the joy that also comes with it. So they headed out for the Valley of the Wandering Nymphs to talk and undergo some training at the same time. They trained there for a number of days (Doll told Wolf that she and Prince had ran away. Wolf told her to stick with Prince or he might disappear) before they ran into a couple of players named Wacko and Dan Dan (Wacko is aka Neurotic in some of the Manhua, Look out for the confusing name changes). Thinking he was a boss, they attacked Prince who was saved by Doll. When they found out he was not a boss they apologized and asked for their names. Doll was surprised that they did not recognize Prince and told them who he was. She also invited them to come to Infinite City. Prince headed deeper into the valley trying to lose Wacko and Dan Dan who were following him and Doll.

Suddenly, Caelus (the nymph boss) appeared and captured Doll. Since he was one of the strongest bosses in Second Life, Prince asked Wacko(Neurotic) and Dan Dan for the help in rescuing Doll. They fought long and hard against the nymphs Caelus summoned. Then Caelus made a portal and escaped along with Doll. Prince then PMed Doll to see if she was alright, which she was. He told her that he would come save her, but she told him that Caelus was too strong and Prince would only lose levels if he fought him. She told him that it would be better if she died and went back to the rebirth point. This caused Prince a lot of pain in that he could not even protect his friends. Doll then PMed him back that Caelus would not kill her since he wanted her for his wife and for some reason she could not log off. In his desperation, Prince called Kenshin and ordered him to come to the Valley of the Wandering Nymphs and bring Sunshine, Arctic Fox, and Western Wind on Sunshine's flying carpet. When Kenshin commented that Wicked, Nan Gong Zui and Broken Sword were all stronger than Western Wind, Prince told him that he did not want to see them (since he could not face them). Once they arrived, Prince told them about what had happened and they headed out to rescue Doll. Upon arriving, Prince demanded that Caelus release Doll. He refused (of course?) and began to attack along with his nymph minions. The battle quickly took a turn for the worse. Prince saw that everyone was injured and then wondered whether Kenshin and Sunshine would remain self-aware if they died. He then PMed Kenshin that if the fight got bad that he should escape with Sunshine. Kenshin replied that it was already bad and that he did not think he would be able to get away. They were all about to be killed by a large magic attack from Caelus when a rebound barrier caused it to bound back. Prince turned around to see his comrades coming to their rescue. With their help they were able to defeat Caelus.

Wacko commented that Caelus seemed to have self-awareness which made Prince hesitant about killing him. Lolidragon them mentioned to Prince that if he did not kill him that people might get suspicious putting Kenshin and Sunshine in danger. After Prince killed Caelus, Doll was found behind a wall (that had been destroyed during the fight). She was complete unharmed and eating some food.

Sometime afterwards, Prince found out that Wacko and Dandan were from the Western Continent. Wacko was actually an overlord like Prince and he along with his team, Halcyon Team founded Halcyon City. They then told him that they wanted to become powerful overlords like him. Then they left to go back to the Western Continent. While he was thinking about what they had said, Lolidragon came up to Prince reminding him to take a bath. The creators of Second Life had released a patch that made the game more lifelike so if he did not bathe he would start to stink, among other things. Before heading off to the bath, Prince tied Lolidragon up to prevent her from spying on him. On his way there, he was shocked to meet Kong Kong completely in the nude. Kong Kong led him to the bath where Prince was mesmerized by the number of beautiful men there. While he was looking at them, Western Wind came up (also naked in his female body since it was during the day) giving Prince another large shock. Just then Lolidragon showed up drooling over all the beautiful guys causing them all to flee (Prince kept her from chasing after them). Then Prince finally needed to use the bathroom, so he ran and found Wicked to teach him how. After coming out of the restroom, Prince bumped into Feng Wu Qing who complained that his sister could not act as a guy if she could not even use the toilet revealing that he knew that Prince was Xiao Lan. Prince then told him not to tell anyone which he agreed to as he walked away. Lolidragon then came up to Prince with the loot and experience he should have received from defeating Caelus. She then told Prince that everyone was waiting for him in the hall.

On his way there, he was attacked by an assassin. The commotion caused the other players to come running as Prince was injured by the assassin. Even with a number of players around him, the assassin was able to get to Prince, but when she tried to attack him Wicked got in front of Prince taking the blow for him. With the combine efforts of Nan Gong, Kong Kong, Gui and Playboy, they were able to capture her. When she commented that Prince was just a brat, his friends rose up to defend his character. Wolf healed Prince while Doll came up and saw how beaten up he was. She summoned Bonds of Endless Torment and wrapped it around the assassin. Nan Gong told her to be careful not to kill her so he could ask her some questions, but Doll reassured him that she would not. When Prince asked the assassin why she wanted to kill him, she told him not to get too comfortable since others would be coming later. Then she killed herself to escape.

A bit later, Nan Gong and the others apologized to Prince since Prince was always following his and others orders and had actually not given any of his own. He also told Prince that he thought that Prince's reputation would come naturally over time. Yu Lian commented that it was all going to be alright. Then Prince gave his first order stating that no one was allowed to call him "lord", Prince was his name. Then he asked about the assassin. Lolidragon stated that since the battle for the cities would start in a couple of weeks that many players wanted to be lords making Prince a prime target. Prince then said that he should grind some levels, but Lolidragon told him that the fastest way would be to kill some players since the rules had now changed making so that you gain experience for killing them and the penalties were gone. She and Feng Wu Qing then set off to look into the assassins while Prince went off to kill some players.

Central Continent Conquest arc

NPC Rebellion arc

Not yet ready to be told. Sorry.



  • Black Sabre: A Chinese Dao with Chinese scripture on one side of the blade, enhanced by a diamond Prince got for (in the end not) killing Caelus, which supports flame-type weapons (like Black Sabre) and colors the fire that erupts from it, pure white. It is a Growing type weapon (secretly) given by Dictator of Life so that Dictator can always be together with him.
  • Knife: A regular knife.


  • Heavy Armor: Greatly increases attack and defense points, but greatly decrease aglity points.
  • Red Blood Armor: Greatly increases defense points.
  • Robe: A regular robe.
  • Warrior Armor: Slightly increases defense points.


  • Blood Tiara: Increases every stat by 10 points. Growing type accessory.
  • Mask: Slightly increases defense points.
  • Pouch: Able to hold multiple items.

Powers & Abilities

Attack Skill (Barehanded)

  • Quake Blast: Use a seismic toss on his opponent.

Attack Skill (Sword)

  • Continuous Attack: Repeatedly attacking his opponent without stopping for a period of time.
  • Frenzied Strike:
  • Inferno Slash: Creating flame around his sword and causing explosion when contact with his opponent. Drain large amount of mana points.
  • Nine-headed Dragon Slash (Jiutou-Loung Slash): Causing nine slashes to his opponent at the same time by hitting all of the nine vital points instantly.
  • Requiem of Blazing Inferno:
  • Ringing Blade:
  • Savage Blade (Wild Blade): Striking his opponent with multiple blows.

Speed Skill

  • Agile Spiral Evasion: Able to dodge his opponents by spiral around their attacks.
  • Haste: Cast a temporary spell to increase his speed or one of his teammates.


  • Prince is the first and only avatar to be the opposite sex from its user in Second Life.
  • Nearly every girl Prince has met fell in love with him.
  • People who know Prince's real identity and gender:
a. Before first real-life gathering (in chronological discovering order)
1. Lolidragon
2. Dictator of Life
3. Meatbun
4. Zhuo Ling Bin/Wicked
5. Gu Yun Fei/Kekkaish
6. Lu Jing/Daoshi
7. Mr. Feng
8. Mrs. Feng
9. Feng Yang Ming/Feng Wu Qing
b. On first real-life gathering
1. Ming Gui Wen/Gui/Guileastos
2. Doll
3. Yu Lian
4. Lee Tian Lang/Ugly Wolf
5. Winter Triumph
6. Nan Gong Zui
7. Arctic Fox
8. Fair Sky.
  • Prince is the first warlord to appear in Second Life.
  • Prince is also the youngest warlord because his user is 20 years old.
  • He is often called 'The Blood Elf' due to his brutal way of killing.