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Long Dian
Nickname Father of Second Life
Ethnicity Taiwanese
Birthday  ?
Age  ?
Gender Male
Height  ?
Weight  ?
Eyes  ?
Hair White (previously black)
Blood Type  ?
Professional Status
Occupation Ex-Programmer, company executive
Education  ?
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Long Shui Han (Younger Cousin)
Pet N/A
Status Active
Second Life Player
Avatar Poseidon
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Volume 9, Chapter 5 (Game 51) Mention Only
Novel Debut N/A


After the main characters were driven from Second Life, he appeared at the factory. He has long white hair which used to be black



He is the programming genius who single-handedly created Second Life and was second in charge at the company. He conducted illegal experiments by uploading players as temporary NPCs and then destroyed their bodies, in an effort to attain eternal life. He was found and disappeared soon after.


NPC Rebellion arc



  • Long Dian's Avatar is Poseidon.
  • Dictator of Life's face is adapted from Long Dian's.
  • He was in a bad shape when he met the group in real life, coughing up blood.