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Infinite City
Infinite city
Landlord Prince
Main Guild Odd Squad
Location Central Continent
Population 1000+


Infinite hamlet members

Infinite City Members

"Of all the prizes, the most significant one was a piece of land, which we were suddenly saddled with for no reason. According to hearsay, it could compare with Sun, Moon, and Star cities in terms of size, and so we had no choice but to start discussing how to manage this piece of trouble…" Prince Revolution at from the light novels.

It was a prize for the Adventurers' Tournament, which Odd Squad participated in. Nan Gong Zui came up with the name when Prince came to recruit him for Infinite City's army. Ugly Wolf is in charge of the military department, Yu Lian in charge of the Treasury & Mage departments, Gui is in charge of construction (creating and overseeing), Lolidragon is in charge of defense (setting traps and helping Gui design defense systems), Doll is in charge of directing workers to different areas, and Prince is Liege Lord. A few weeks after winning Infinite City, Second Life decided to allow sieges to happen in game play. This meant that anyone can take over a town by breaking the crystal located in the central tower. Fan appeared again and he attempted the first siege of the game against Infinite City just after it lost the protection of the NPC guards. He fails and his army is forced to join Infinite City's ranks. Odd Squad plans to take over the entire Central Continent by capturing all the cities.


The Three-Head Generals

The Left~Right Strategists

The Treasury

Construction, Protection and Traps

Supervision and Design



Dark Phantom

Divine Coalition

  • Over a hundred unnamed members.

Odd Squad

Righteous Blades

  • A couple of unnamed members.

Rising Dragons

  • A couple of unnamed members.

Team Rose

Unnamed Guilds/Non Guild Members

  • Over a thousand unnamed members.





Infinite castle

Infinite City's Original Form

  • In a short amount of time, Infinite City has largely expanded to a real city (Game 41) because it started with just a castle.
  • Even though, Infinite City has only been established for a short amount of time, it has become a big threat for the remaining cities because Moon, Star and Sun Cities join forces to overthrow Prince's city.
    • Ironically, they were right. They all got defeated and taken over by Prince by his power and fame.