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  • Unnamed Bard
  • Unnamed Priest
  • Unnamed Necromancer
  • Unnamed Thief
  • Unnamed Wizard


  • Two Unknown Pets


  • One of the teams Odd Squad had to face in the tournament. Which were human and had the same occupation as Odd Squad, and even like them had two pets (which were dragons).The team at the of the tournament was stronger than Odd Squad. It's team leader was renounced for stabbing people with giant ice piece. Once Prince heard this, he found their scary reputation not befitting, and using crude and distributing language, described torture methods from horror movies and ancient China, which he would use on Hell's Murderers in the coming match. This caused all the teams and spectators to loose their lunch, except for Prince. Because of this the Hell's Murderers forfeited the match and lost.