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Eastern Continent is the second most focus continent in the series.


The ruler of individual continent by having some or completed controlled of all the cities. Another way is being the most famous avatar on the individual continent.


White Tiger (Bái Hǔ) City

White Tiger City is located in west.

Azure Dragon (Qīng Lóng) City

Azure Dragon City is located in east.

Black Tortoise (Xuán Wǔ) City

Black Tortoise City is located in north.

Vermilion Bird (Zhū Què) City

Vermilion Bird City is located in south.

Minor Location

Ship Dock

Ship is needed when traveling to another continent. It is located near White Tiger City.

  • Passport: Need $5000 Crystal Coins and $3 Gold Coins to purchase. Can only be use once.

Monster Location

Azure Mountain

  • Three Prophets of Doom Reward:
  • Ultimate Restoration Pill: Help an avatar level up faster for three days. The pill look like a long turd.


  • Demon Reward:
  • Demon Horn: A player may receive a Demon Horn. They are worth a couple of gold coins.
  • Demon Maiden Reward:
  • Demon Maiden Horn: A player may receive a Demon Maiden Horn. They are worth more than Demon Horn.

Snow Mountain Cave


  • The four cities of East Continent are named after the four primary Chinese symbols of Chinese Zodiac.