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Dictator of Life
Dictator of life
Original Name Final Boss
Species Humanoid
Gender Male
Level 100
Original Location Northern Continent
Professional Status
Affiliation The Four Heavenly Kings
Base of Operation Flower City
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Owner Long Dian
Status Active
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Volume 9, Chapter 2 (Game 49)


Dictator of Life is a handsome man with long reddish hair and sky blue to blue-grayish eyes with tattoo on his left cheek, touching the corner of his left eye.


Dictator of Life is calm and collected, with a strong sense of his own form of Justice. He has many ideals that he is willing to do anything to achieve. He is also shown to be violent and often emotionless, often destroying those in his way with no conscience. Despite this, he has a sense of companionship for his other self-aware NPC's, and has been shown going out of his way to protect them.

In recent chapters -where Prince confronts him- he confesses that he is in love with Xiao Lan, and has been with her from the very beginning; in the form of her Black Blade. As a result of this, he refuses to harm her, even though her intent is to kill him.


The Dictator is mastermind behind all events that have taken place in Second Life up to recent chapters. The Dictator allowed Xiao Lan to Change Gender, and has given her many gifts and favors, including; The Black Blade (which is implied to be a part of him),the Blood Crown, and also Meat-Bun (which was an unreleased pet that was under discussion by Second Life's developers). It has been since been reviled that he is in love with Xiao Lan herself, and refuses to harm her. He wants her to liberate him and save Second Life, as he fully intends to continue with his plans otherwise.

NPC Rebellion arc


Black Sabre: A Chinese Dao with Chinese scripture on one side of the blade, which supports flame-type weapons and colors the fire that erupts from it, pure white. It is a Growing type weapon. (Originally his, But decided to give them to Prince so he could be By His Side.

Powers & Abilities

Dictator of Life's power and abilities are currently unknown.


  • Dictator of Life is the fourth NPC to appear in the series.
  • Despite the fact that he is an NPC, he has an avatar that he used to "see" around the game.
  • Lolidragon decided on the appearance of the Dictator of Life.
  • He was modelled after a real person, the main developer behind Second Life, Long Dian, who can be considered "The Father of Second Life".